Does the thought of networking fill you with dread?  Are you filled with terror when a complete stranger locks eyes with you whilst reaching inside their jacket or bag? Does shaking hands fill you with horror?

You have probably been watching or reading too many detective and murder series……. Maybe eating that Brie and crackers a little too near bedtime.

But ask yourself – but do you like growing your business?  Receiving grants? Discovering new business and social friends? Being inspired? Being supported?  Sharing and receiving great information. Getting things done?

You are likely to be in danger! – Yes danger of earning more money, raising the profile of your business, organisation or charity. Danger of meeting people who will introduce you to very useful people, who are scarily helpful.

My suggestion is – just attend.  Even the most introverted person will often discover they can learn to like it if just brave enough to take that first step. 

You can always tell the organiser how you feel and they will help you as much as you need until you feel comfortable attending any meetings or events.

So go on.  Take a risk and face your networking fears this Halloween and onwards. You may well learn to love networking as do I.

Happy Halloween!

Susan Risdale

Founder of Natural Business Network.