Welcome to Natural Business Network

Natural Business Network (NBN) is a friendly and relaxed business networking group where you have the chance to meet other local business owners and community members and tell them about your business and interests. 

The aim of NBN is to forge mutually useful, strong, long-lasting connections for Business, Community and Individuals.

In an effort to support all in this ongoing COVID-19 situation. Two ONLINE meetings are on offer every Thursday. One meeting at 7:30 am, and then another at 10 am. Whether you are working or not. Everyone is welcome.


Other Meetings and Events beneficial to our members will be added over the coming year, in a variety of formats including hybrid.

A special Christmas Meeting is arranged for lunchtime on the 12th December at Esseborne Manor. 

Joint Networking and collaboration with other groups will be explored and included where they are beneficial to our members. For example we have enjoyed a meeting where our local BNI were co hosting with us – this is wonderful; collaborative networking!

Our format is very relaxed, and all types of businesses, organisations including sole traders, and individuals are welcome as well as local members of Charities, Education, Health, Local Authorities, Construction and Business Park, Volunteer and Employment Representatives. We also aim to have regular presentations from a mixture of members and outside speakers on a variety of subjects. 

We have excellent connections to other groups, and can find you anything you could need for your business or community here in Andover, Test Valley and beyond.

We are always looking for new members, visitors and speakers. So if you would like to come along to one of our meetings, or apply for membership for inclusion on our website then please do get in touch.  

Exciting times!

Do join me on this ever evolving, growing venture. Please see Meetings Page for all current ONLINE registration details and links.

Thank you. Keep safe and well.

Susan Risdale

Natural Business Network NBN