NBN Meetings

Our Natural Business Network NBN meetings are currently held every Thursday morning, ONLINE via Zoom. See registration via the Eventbrite links below.

A 7:30 am meeting is on offer for the early birds, but for those who require something later in the day, a 10 am meeting is also available.

There are plans to add regular Physical Meetings and Events. But these will be scheduled for times and places that are additional to our Thursday morning Zooms. Simply because the Zoom meetings that are in place are suiting members and guests very nicely! The reduction on travel CO2 emissions, the additional inclusivity it allows, savings on time, costs and the convenience means that Virtual events will stay in place for significant part of our networking activities.

An exciting event for us will be our NBN Christmas Meeting and Lunch on Sunday 12th December at Esseborne Manor Hotel.  We are really looking forward to that. The hotel is always beautifully decorated, log fires will be roaring, the food there is exceptional. It will be a moment in time to review all the successes of our wonderful NBN members and associates, and consider some of the things we will be doing next year. I can’t wait to be there doing just that – as I know there is so much for us to celebrate!

Joint Networking with other groups is and has been being explored, and included where they are beneficial to our NBN members and anyone jointly networking with us to the benefit of all. The Andover Business Week initiated by Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and NatWest via Andover Chamber Business Strategy Group is running 8th -12th November this year and I feel that generally everything for Business and also Community Networking is on the up for Andover and Test Valley.

I do hope you all keep safe and well and that you will network with us soon. If you need help with ‘ZOOM’ pop along for a look at their website where simple instructions are all available – https://zoom.us/

I know that tech is now an old friend to some of you who are expert in it, but bearing in mind our many fledgling businesses please always feel welcome to ask for help in any way. We are in this together and there is a rich resource of expertise shared amongst our members and associates.

Best wishes

Susan Risdale – naturalbusinessnetwork@gmail.com